Quality Cleaning Supplies

Providing good cleaning products is important to us. We also want to provide an array of cleaning supplies to fit the needs of all our clients. This is why we now offer green clean options for those who need to keep their homes chemical free. Whether for themselves, their pets, or the people they love, we feel providing a green clean option is important because we want to ensure that each client receives the kind of product that will make them most happy. For clients who prefer using standard products, we generally use Lysol and Mr. Clean products with citrus scents, and Clorox and Spray Way products. We ask that you communicate with us any additional products you may prefer to use on your home. We don't want to use any products you may not feel 100% satisfied with. For our green cleans we use high quality products found in our natural markets here in town.

Our Green Cleans

Getting your space sparkling is what we take pride in. Before using our natural cleaning products on your home, we have tested them on our own homes. As a result, we feel you will be 100% satisfied with our green clean options. We use high quality essential oils in all our natural cleaning supplies. We use name brands like Dr. Bronner's Soaps, made special for house cleaning. We have found these product to be just as effective, if not more effective, than standard chemical brands.

Smell and Cleanliness

Smell and cleanliness is important to us. We only use citrus scents because they have a tendency to smell cleaner and fresher, and on average, work better. We will never use dirty scrubby pads, dusters, and mops on your homes or office spaces. Using these types of products on multiple spaces can spread possible mold spores and yucky germs between homes and buildings. A mop that has been used on multiple spaces may also get very dirty, smelly, and grimy. We make sure to only use mops that can be cleaned daily, and we will always provide fresh, clean products on your homes and offices. We require that each client provide their own toilet bowl brushes. For sanitary reasons, we do not carry toilet bowl brushes between multiple bathrooms.

Next Steps...

If you want a cleaning company that provides services to fit multiple needs, as well as a company that holds and maintains high standards of cleanliness, call us today!